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Scholar-Artists, Musicians and Thespians Honored

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Eighty-seven students were named to the 2024 Shoreham-Wading River High School Scholar-Artist, Musician and Thespian award list.

The students were honored at the May 28 Board of Education meeting. They were introduced by Principal Frank Pugliese. Each student had to maintain a weighted GPA of 90 or higher and contribute significantly to an extracurricular program in art, music and/or theater.

Mr. Pugliese congratulated the students and praised the High School educators for their guidance, determination and encouragement of the students and members of WHAM –Wildcats Helping the Arts and Music – for their ongoing efforts in advocating for the district’s arts and music program. Collette Grosso, president of WHAM also addressed the students with accolades for their dedication and passion to their art.

The district congratulates Giovanna Aceto, Samuel Alessi, Maggie Andersen, Kyra Beyersdorfer, Jake Bodenburg, Lukas Brand, Daniel Breuer, Alexandra Calandrillo, Jack Calvert, Leah Carberry, Annalia Clemente, Kaylee Colantropo, Elysa Corso, Julia Corso, Kayla Corso, Natalee Cortina, Robert Darin, Giovanna Esgro, Delaney Fahrbach, Nicholas Friedlander, Lila Grosso, April Haarke, Abigail Haverty, Ava Hernandez, Ray Hidaka, Eden Hu, Emily Ingrassia, Chloe Jaeger, Khloe Jenkins, Cassandra Keany, Reilly Kenneally, Grayce Kitchen, Ayla Kops, Caroline Lange, Spencer Lee, Grayden Luck, Abbie Lynch, Leyton Mangiamele, Ian Margiotta-Watz, Shane Margiotta-Watz, Everett McClintock, Elizabeth McErlean, Kerrin McGuire, EllaMcNally, Kate McQuade, Liam McQuade, Salvatore Meli, Avery Mendelsohn, Ashley Miltz, Anna Minetti, James Minetti, Lee (Alicia) Minty, Theodore Misawa, Jiseung Moon, Summer Murphy, Emily Murray, Jocelyn Nastasi, Timothy Nigrel, Killian O’Reilly, Giovanna Olivo, Megan Pendzick, Damian Perez, Hailey Petruzzi, Jillian Portuese, Lucas Portuese, Emma Raleigh, Aubrey Russo, Hannah Sagat, Katelyn Schaefer, Nathan Schaefer, Emily Scherl, Isabelle Scherl, Aidan Schmitt, Krystal Sereno, Hayden Shea, Katherine Spencer, Charles Tacke, Robert Tacke, Alexander Tishchenko, Nicolette Troisi, Erin Vedder, Andrew Wicks, Kathryn Winters, Alyssa Wood, Henry Wyszomierski, Noah Wyszomierski and Rebecca Zoraksh.

Date Added: 5/31/2024