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Transportation Services

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Transportation will be provided for all resident students attending private and parochial schools outside the District to a distance not to exceed fifteen (15) miles from the student’s place of residence to the school. The parent or guardian of a parochial or private school child residing in the School District who desires the child be transported to a parochial or private school outside of the School District during the next school year should submit a written request to the Board of Education no later than April 1 of the preceding year, or within thirty days of moving into the District.

Transportation will be provided for each student with a disability, as identified by the Committee on Special Education, who attends special classes outside the District, providing the school has been approved by the New York State Education Department, Division for Children With Disabilities.

The District shall not extend its bus routes outside of the District to pick up nonresident students.

Upon the request of a parent or legal guardian, children may remain in their original building until the end of the school year. The parent or guardian will be responsible for transportation.

Bus transportation will be provided for all participants in extracurricular activities taking place outside the District in which District teams are participants. Such transportation will originate and terminate at the school.

Parent/legal guardians will be responsible for providing transportation home from school when the participating teams return after the last late bus has left the school.

The objectives for bus scheduling will be to achieve safe, efficient, and economical service. In order to insure the safety of the children:

    * No bus stops are to be scheduled where it is necessary for the bus to back up.
    * A special bus stop schedule has been established when there are adverse road conditions.
    * Bussed children in grades K-8 who wish to get off at another designated stop other than their own, must have a note signed by their parent/guardian. The note must be given to the teacher AND building principal BEFORE it is given to the bus driver.
    * Busses will be assigned to their student capacity whenever possible. The District will therefore be unable to transport students to social activities, such as visiting and parties, when this would require transporting the student on a bus other than his/her regular, assigned bus.
    * Busses will stop ONLY at officially designated stops. Officially designated stops will be centralized, common stops for all students from the immediate area. Individual house stops cannot be accommodated, regardless of weather conditions. Exceptions will be made for student health and safety considerations only, or as prescribed by law.
    * Pointed or sharp objects, unless encased, animals, and glass objects will not be allowed on the bus, except on field trips where special permission will be required.
    * Students are not permitted to be in possession of any tobacco products on a bus.

While it is the District’s responsibility for children being transported to and from school, it is the parent’s responsibility for the safety and conduct of their children prior to boarding the bus in the morning and after leaving the bus in the afternoon. Parents are also responsible for the safety and conduct of their children who either walk or ride to school on vehicles other than the school bus.

Transportation will be granted to all resident students attending District schools with no mileage limit from place of residence to the school.