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Principal for a Day!

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Waking up on Friday morning, Wading River School student Ava Vargas was prepared for a busy day ahead.

The morning of Jan. 6 was not a typical school day for the fourth grader, with meetings scheduled with Superintendent of Schools Gerard Poole and other district officials as well as the school’s kitchen staff. She also had visits to the gymnasium, library and classrooms to be sure everything was in tip-top shape and running smoothly. These were just some of the items on her itinerary as part of her “Principal for a Day” role at the school. A student in Danielle Algiere and Allison Cowen’s class, Ava won the honor at this year’s Game Night and learned about all the responsibilities of being a principal, finding ways to serve and help others. 

Her agenda and action-packed day also included lunch out with Principal Louis Parrinello and three of her friends, where heaps of chocolate chip pancakes, sausages and milkshakes were part of the meal. Before the meal, while sitting at Parrinello’s office desk, Ava noted his colorful wall art and surmised that he must really like giraffes. She also shared her admiration for her school, this opportunity and her principal.

“He works really hard every day,” she said of her behind-the-scenes look at Parrinello’s skilled leadership, busy and flexible agenda and daily responsibilities. Parrinello in turn commended Ava for her leadership capabilities and encouraged her in future plans.

Date Added: 1/9/2023