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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Please encourage your child to take the bus whenever possible.

We ask that late drop off and early pick-up is kept to a minimum so instruction is not interrupted for your child or other children as well. It is important for your child to develop consistent routines and be part of the entire classroom environment.

If you must pick up your child, please follow the procedures below:

  • Student pickup will run from 3:15-3:25.

  • Please do NOT arrive earlier than 2:50 to line up since Pre-K will be finishing up their dismissal.

  • Please remain in your car. We ask that the car door on the CUBSIDE ONLY (passenger side) be used for students to enter.

  • If there is a change from bus to pickup (or visa-versa), please be sure to send a note in with your child to ensure they will go to the appropriate location at dismissal. Phone calls during the day are disruptive to classroom routines and should only be used if there is an emergency.

  • Your child will be directed to walk to your vehicle by an adult.

  • Please be extra cautious in the parking lot/pickup area.

  • Note: If you are picking up your child early, please be sure to park in the lot and walk the main entrance, arriving before 2:30 pm (to avoid any conflicts with regular dismissal)

Cars cannot pass buses that have lights flashing, so please plan ahead.

We are located near a busy intersection, please use extra caution when driving on the roads.

Goodbyes are important, and should take place at the bus stop or outside of the school so students may go directly to their classes upon entering the building.