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You’re A Grand Old Flag!

Students at Wading River School during a special assembly about Flag Day. thumbnail259746

Young citizens at Wading River School had a special assembly about Flag Day on June 14 surrounding the flagpole in front of the school where they learned about the importance of this national symbol. The Fifth Grade Band conducted by Mrs. Meli played patriotic songs and all the students joined in on singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag” led by Mr. Verity.

Additional flags were placed at the main entrance to the school and all along the front walkway. “It was a wonderful way to celebrate the values we hold dear,” Principal Parrinello said.

Special thanks to Wading River resident photographer Kim DiPaola for taking the photos!

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 6/14/2024

Spring Athletes Honored!

Student Athlete Holding pin thumbnail259733
Student Athletes Holding pins thumbnail259734

At the June 11 Board of Education meeting, the Shoreham-Wading River High School spring athletes were recognized for their successful season.

Athletic Director Mark Passamonte announced the names of the student-athletes and praised their accomplishments and commitment to their sport. He also noted that all spring teams were named New York State Scholar-Athlete teams, with the team’s average GPA for 75% of the roster equal to or greater than 90%. There were 238 varsity athletes: 168 or 71% of these students maintained a 90 or higher GPA.

Superintendent of Schools Gerard Poole and Board of Education President Thomas Sheridan presented those in attendance with a commemorative district pin.

Congratulations to our spring athletes!

Boys Track-Scholar Athlete Team

* All League: Patrick Shea, Michael Huebner, Kyle Cavliere, Wes Hodun, Leyton Mangiamele, Jarrell Winston, Spencer Lee, Jake Smith, Logan Jung
* All County: Patrick Shea, Michael Huebner, Leyton Mangiamele, Jarrell Winston, Spencer Lee, Jake Smith, Logan Jung
* All State: Michael Huebner, Logan Jung, Patrick Shea, Jarrell Winston and Jake Smith
* All Academic: Jake Smith
* Michael was the county 400-meter champion as well as the 800-meter overall champion in Section XI
* The 4x800 relay team consisting of Jarrell Winston, Patrick Shea, Jake Smith and Michael Huebner won the D2 county championship
* SWR Most Improved: Kyle Cavaliere
* SWR MVP: Michael Huebner
* Michael Huebner was the NYS D2 State Champion in the 800-meter
* Logan Jung placed 3rd in NYS D2 in the high jump
* The 4x800 relay team which consisted of Patrick Shea, Jarrell Winston, Jake Smith and Michael Huebner placed 3rd in NYS.
* Scholar Athletes: James Minetti, James Maxwell, Jake Smith, Spencer Lee, Nicholas Friedlander, Alexander Crawford, Noah Wyszomierski, Patrick Shea, Michael Iberger, Aidan Schmitt, Nathan Schaefer, Leyton Mangiamele, Alexander Gallo, Charles Licata, Timothy Worthington, Andrew Licata, Cole Stadler, Matteo Cortina, Gavin Constantine, Kyle Schiff, Phoenix Fernandes, Nicholas Worthington, Henry Wyszomierski, Michail Medvedev, Aidan Daly, Brendan Friedlander, Jarrell Winston, Luke Tezcan and Zachary Johnson

Girls Golf-Scholar Athlete Team

* All Academic: Grace Barra, Ali Dettleff, Carly Mulroy, Mackenzie Greene, Felicity Fitzgerald, Victoria Hamilton, Summer Murphy
* SWR MVP: Carly Mulroy
* SWR Most Improved: Summer Murphy and Victoria Hamilton
* Scholar Athletes: Carly Mulroy, Ali Dettleff, Victoria Hamilton, Grace Barra, Summer Murphy, Mackenzie Greene and Felicity Fitzgerald 

Girls Track-Scholar Athlete Team

* All League: Brooke Andresen, Reese Nelson, Ellie Connell, Olivia Pesso, Giovanna Olivo, Naomi Harris, Morgan Lesiewicz
* Scholar Athletes: Olivia Pesso, Anna Minetti, Elysa Corso, Sophia Stadler, Lisa Misawa, Morgan Lesiewicz, Caroline D’Andrea, Nina Nelson, Emma Granshaw, Amariah Burtts, Abigail Cooke, Emma Raleigh, Reese Nelson, Michela Nobre, Ella Meeker, Isabella Arena, Madisyn Perez, Giovanna Olivo, Naomi Harris, Mia Mangano, Kayla Corso, Isabelle Scherl, Brooke Andresen, Caroline Lange, Rebecca Zoraksh, Sydney Albert, Caroline Panasci and Ellie Connell

Softball-Scholar Athlete Team

* All County: Elizabeth Sabino
* All Conference: Erin Cahill, Emma Donnelly, Mia Dettleff
* All League: Emma Reilly
* SWR Most Improved: Lauren Pollak
* SWR Most Valuable Player: Elizabeth Sabino
* Scholar Athletes: Elizabeth Sabino, Erin Cahill, Lauren Pollak, Abigail Haverty, Mia Dettleff, Grace Minarik, Alexandra Calandrillo, Hannah Rafuse, Lauren Gallucci, Jordyn DeMatteo, Emma Reilly and Emma Donnelly

Baseball-Scholar Athlete Team

* All League: Aiden Reilly, Joe Leo, Kyle Stella, Nick Stella

* All County: Christian Cox, Gordon Votruba
* Gordon Votruba was the League 7 MVP
* SWR Most Improved: Aiden Reilly
* SWR MVP: Christian Cox

* Scholar Athletes: Ethan Rafuse, Christian McClain, Cameron Sheedy, Kyle Stella, Aidan Reilly, Andrew Costello, Gordon Votruba, Daniel Laieta, Matthew Arabio, Colten Sisler, Anthony DeLuca, Owen Crowley, Nicholas Stella and Joseph Martirano

Girls Lacrosse-Scholar Athlete Team

* All Division: Charlotte Erb, Halie Abrams, Leslie Jablonski
* All County: Grayce Kitchen, Reese Marcario, Madison Herr
* SWR All-Rookie: Maeve Bourguignon, Sophia Giangreco
* SWR Most Improved: Haylie Abrams
* Scholar Athletes: Kerrin McGuire, Sophia Minnion, Jocelyn Nastasi, Abigail Metz, Juliana Mahan, Reese Marcario, Sydney Serio, Ave Weingartner, Tiana Barone, Madison Pieloch, Haylie Abrams, Lola Costello, Jocelyn Kavanaugh, Leslie Jablonski, Anabel Keegan, Stamatia Almiroudis, Alexandra Ruggero, Madeline Rizzi, Katherine Keegan, Madison Herr, Abigail Savona, Maeve Bourguignon and Ava Kershis

Boys Lacrosse-Scholar Athlete Team

* All Division: Liam Kershis, Liam Gregorek, Alex Kershis, Jaden Galfano, Liam Taylor, Danny Greene, Kieran Clifford, Ryan Wilson, George Greene, Andrew Cimino, Noah Gregorek
* All County: Liam Kershis, Liam Gregorek, Liam Taylor, Jaden Galfano, Alex Kershis, Ryan Wilson
* Scholar Athletes: Liam Kershis, Liam McGuire, Angelina Price, Deklan Drost, Thomas Daggett, Michael Arena, Brendan Meskill, Liam Gregorek, Michael Clemente, Kieran Clifford, Salvatore Meli, Alexander Kershis, Jaden Galfano, Ryan Wilson and Gavin McQueeney

Boys Tennis-Scholar Athlete Team

* All County: Ray Hidaka, Kai Hidaka, Christian Baas, Kenzo Wentz
* All League: Dylan McClelland, Lucas Portuese, Rajendra-Jeremy Ramharack, Travis Finnegan
* SWR Most Improved: Christian Bass
* SWR MVP: Ray Hidaka
* Scholar Athletes: Lucas Portuese, Charles Vescovo, Dongkai Zhang, Ray Hidaka, Kenzo Wentz, Kai Hidaka, Christian Baas, Dylan McClelland, Matthew Dinowitz, Derek Blanco, Travis Finnegan, Sayf-Adenne Souihi, Raj Ramharack and Cooper Hagen

Unified Basketball-Scholar Athlete Team

* Scholar Athletes: Robert Tacke, Paige O’Shaughnessy, Hailey Petruzzi, Emma Granshaw, Jake Donnelly, Joshua Mar-Mendoza, Connor Prunty, Maeve Prunty, Michela Nobre, Andrew Brennan, Demetrius Serras, Amelia Vricella, Daniel Breuer, Mia Mangano, Kayla Guercia, Peter Christ, Madison Cummings, Brooke Dollard, Lila Grosso, Sky Riekert, Delaney Fahrbach, Molly Stankus, Jack Como, Bobby King, Forrest Tepfenhardt, Sophia Romeo, Emily Ingrassia, Gianna Aceto and Andrew Stiene

Date Added: 6/14/2024


The Shoreham-Wading River School District Board of Education recognized a milestone in the careers of district staff members at the June 11 Board of Education meeting. thumbnail259720

The Shoreham-Wading River School District Board of Education recognized a milestone in the careers of district staff members at the June 11 Board of Education meeting.

To the applause of Board trustees, administrators, family members, colleagues and community members, educators Nicole Bianco, Carly Bossung, Caitlin Dennehy, Emily Kravitz, Lyndsay Laudato, Bryan Mann, Kellie McGuire, Courtney Von Bargen, Marisa Zambrano and Director of STEM Dr. Joseph Paolicelli were honored with tenure for their dedication to SWR students.

Superintendent of Schools Gerard Poole and Board President Thomas Sheridan congratulated each of them. Mr. Sheridan lauded this cohort of educators and shared the pride of the school community for their efforts, making note of the dedication they all possessed as newcomers to the district and navigating educational practices during the pandemic and after with resilience, hard work, collaboration and a positive can-do approach.

Date Added: 6/14/2024

Prodell’s Resilient Students!

Albert G. Prodell Middle school celebrated 26 students in May who received nominations from staff members for exemplifying the Wildcats with Character trait of resilience this year. thumbnail259698

Albert G. Prodell Middle school celebrated 26 students in May who received nominations from staff members for exemplifying the Wildcats with Character trait of resilience this year.

They are Jaidyn Attanasio, Brendan Baker, Annabelle Bruckbauer, Abigail Campbell, Colin Clifford, Alyssa DiGuiseppe, Ralph DiMasi, Casie Fioretti, Lauren Gallucci, Natalie Gonzalez, Camryn Guinther, Gianna Horsford, Mairead Jaffe, Masab Khan, Tess Kneidl, Nathan Lauckhardt, Olivia Menekou, Fiona Newman, Guiliana Pace, Joshua Parrinello, Clara Pedersen, Jayden Perez, Ralph Perez, Andrew Roberts

Sawyer Stroh and Brayden Zettwoch.

“We are so proud of these students for exhibiting a such a vital trait that will help them throughout their lives,” Assistant Principal Lauren Bacardi said. “Having resilience is so incredibly important as these students get older and begin to experience challenges and possible setbacks. These students have proven that they have the strength and capability to bounce back and persevere, which also takes a lot of confidence and intrinsic motivation. We hope that these students continue to demonstrate this level of resilience as they continue their journey in SWR!”

Date Added: 6/13/2024

Valedictorian James Minetti Honored by SCSSA

Shoreham-Wading River High School valedictorian James Minetti at Valedictorians Luncheon. thumbnail259680

Shoreham-Wading River High School valedictorian James Minetti was among the best and brightest high school students honored at the Suffolk County School Superintendents Association 30th annual Valedictorians Luncheon recently held at Villa Lombardi in Holbrook.

The SCSSA tradition honored the admirable accomplishments of Suffolk County’s highest-achieving graduates from the Class of 2024 and was attended by school district superintendents, high school principals, valedictorians and their parents.

Guest speaker Matthew Cohen, president and chief executive officer of the Long Island Association, defined the group of valedictorians as “people who are going to think out of the box to find solutions.” He advised the students to take advantage of all the opportunities offered to them.

The valedictorians were each called to the stage, accompanied by their school district superintendent and high school principal, to receive a certificate of recognition, the book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seus and a journal from SCOPE.

Date Added: 6/13/2024