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Emergency School Closings

These procedures are designed to evacuate children quickly in an emergency. However, the Chief School Administrator may institute a “Stay Where You Are” plan when, in his opinion, the safety of the children is better served.

If the decision to evacuate is made after 1:00 pm, students may be sent home at their regular dismissal time. This decision will be made based on the nature of the emergency and which procedure will provide the best protection for our children.

Parents of children in grades 6 through 12 are requested to familiarize each child with procedures for entering the house in case of an emergency when no one is at home.


Emergency Dismissal Procedures:

a. Radio stations will be notified of the dismissal
b. The District’s Connect-Ed Automated Phone System will be utilized in the event of an early dismissal
c. The bus company will be notified of the dismissal
d. Students in Grades K-5 will be transported home or to a neighbor’s house
e. Students in Grades 6-12 will be transported home, where it is expected they are capable of entering their home should a parent not be home.

Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children what should be done in case of early dismissal.

Closing Due to Inclement Weather

When it is necessary to close due to extreme weather conditions or other emergencies, announcements will be made:

a. On the District’s website (
b. Through the District’s Connect-Ed Automated Phone System
c. Through the following radio and television stations:


CBS News Radio (880AM), 1010WINS (1010AM), WALK (97.5FM),
WBLI (106.1FM), WBAB (102.3FM), KJOY (98.3FM),WHLI (1100AM),
B103 (103.1FM)


Channel 12—News 12 Long Island
Channel 2—WCBS TV
Channel 7— WABC TV

Please do not call the District Office or the schools, as we need to keep the telephone lines free for emergency calls.