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Student Announcements

Science Club: will meet on Mondays after school from 2:05-3:05.  The club will include students that will participate in the Regional Science Bowl Competition at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratories Open Space Stewardship Program' Celebration.  All students are welcome to join the club.  The club activities will include recycling, growing plants in the greenhouse and creating a garden, academic research and jeopardy type questions and other activities that you would like to do.
Recycling:  Please remember to recycle your plastic bottles in the blue bins in the halls.  The Science Club will be collecting all bottle caps and water bottles in Room 101.  Please save water bottles and caps in your rooms and send an advisee to Room 101 on Fridays.

Fire Drills:  Students who are separated from their class during a drill should exit the building with the nearest class.    There is no talking during a fire drill.

Hall Passes:  All students require signed passes when in the hallway during class.  Agenda books may be used but should also be signed by the teacher.

Backpacks:  Backpacks should be left in lockers.  Students with permission from their 8th period teacher may bring backpacks to their 8th period class. 

Electronic Devices:  Portable radios, compact disc and tape players, electronic games, and cellular phones are not to be used during school hours.  These are a distraction to the learning process, and the school cannot be responsible for their safekeeping.  Suffolk County law bans laser pointers from school.  Skateboards, water pistols, gambling cards, and dice are not permitted.  If items are misused, they will be confiscated and returned only to parents.

Physical Education Uniform:  To participate in the physical education program, students are required to change from school clothing into appropriate athletic dress, which consists of sneakers, shorts and a T-shirt or a sweat suit.  Parents will be notified if a student is unprepared for class.  Each student will be assigned a gym locker in which to keep gym clothing.  Students are responsible for locking their clothing, shoes, and other belongings in their gym lockers.  The school is not responsible for articles lost or stolen in the locker rooms.

Lunch Food:  Students may either bring a bag lunch from home or opt to purchase food, when available, in our school.  "Brown Bag" lunch is available to purchase each week (Monday through Friday) - cold sandwiches and heroes with a fruit or chips are available at a daily cost of $ 2.00 for sandwiches or $2.10 for heroes.  Sandwiches must be ordered and paid for in advance, and are due by Thursday of the week before.  Parents are required to make payment by check and can order for the following week or month.   The sandwich service began on Monday, September 13th. 

The PTO will sell lunches (pizza, salads, vegetables, yogurt, etc.), beginning Monday, September 20. 

Early/Late Buses:
  Early bus runs began on Monday, September 13th for 7:05 am arrival.  Monday, Sept. 13th late buses run daily at 4:05 pm and on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 3:05 pm. 

Cleats:  Cleats should not be worn inside the school.  They will damage the floor. 

Absences:  Be reminded that homework is not provided for unexcused absences.  Please make sure students have an assigned homework buddy for assistance during short-term absences.  Advisors will collect work for extended excused absences as quickly as possible.

After School Activities:  Students must take all their belongings to after-school activities (music, intramurals, sports, etc).  They will not be allowed to return to their lockers after the 2:05 pm dismissal without adult supervision.

Lockers:  Students are assigned a hallway and gym locker.  Students are issued a lock and are expected to lock their lockers at all time.  Students should not share their locker combination with anyone.  Since the school cannot reimburse students for lost or stolen property, items of great value should not be brought to school.   Students are not to write on, or otherwise vandalize, lockers.  Students are required to use only the school-issued lock.  If a student loses a lock, a replacement must be purchased for $5.00.  Students may not change a locker assignment without first having permission from the Front Office. 

Lunch Procedures:  Recess will be outdoors until November, unless posted otherwise in the front office.  All students must be prepared to go outside.  The library will be open to two students per advisory; students must sign a log when entering the library.  Students must remain with their advisory during Advisory lunch.


AM/PM Period Schedule
Music (AM)
7th / 8th
 6th grade Band/Orchestra/Chorus
7th / 8th
 6th grade Band/Orchestra/Chorus
7th / 8th
Extra Help (AM) / Test Makeup's (AM)
7th / 8th
7th / 8th
Advisory Conferences (AM)
7th / 8th
7th / 8th

7th and 8th Grade Test Schedule
Math and Science on “Blue” Days
English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language on “Gold” Days

Shoreham-Wading River Central School District
Friday, March 23, 2018