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Two Special Propositions

No Tax Impact
Drainage Improvement,
Oil Tank Replacement on Ballot

Two special propositions will be on the ballot on May 17 that ask for voter authorization to address important infrastructure issues in the district.

Proposition #2 calls for stormwater drainage improvement in the amount of $66,144. Proposition #3 calls for the replacement of six underground fuel oil tanks (at four schools) in the amount of $825,000.

There is no tax impact associated with these propositions, as funding will come from the district’s Tax Stabilization Reserve Fund; however, voter authorization is required to use the funds in this manner.

Proposition #2 – Stormwater Drainage

Sections of asphalt have been patched over, creating a drainage issue at that school. Because of ineffective drainage, the water pools, creating an ice hazard and undermining the roadway. Our goal is to eliminate the pooling of water that occurs where the entrance meets Tower Hill Road. To do this, contractors will excavate and install expanded drainage. This will eliminate or at least greatly reduce the erosion of soil and deterioration of asphalt, as well as eliminate the hazardous driving conditions when ice forms.

Proposition #3 – Oil Tank Replacement

The district has six underground oil tanks, with an average age of more than 43 years. There are two tanks at Miller Avenue that were installed in 1962; one at Wading River installed in 1963; one installed in 1965; and two at the High School installed in 1975. These are single wall steel tanks that eventually rot, creating an environmental and financial hazard, and due to their age, cost of replacement is not covered by insurance!

The Board believes it is imperative that these tanks are replaced before we are forced to contend with a major financial challenge. Testing is done weekly on the tanks, and currently shows no apparent leakage, but as we saw with the  roof, failure is often not predictable. Should we face a leak with one of these tanks, the environmental remediation costs will be significant and will be borne solely by the district.