During the District’s July 8th Board of Education meeting, an update on the District Fitness Center was provided and District Administration presented a solution for a new fitness center that would enhance student programming. For those unaware, the District Fitness Center was closed last summer after a commissioned building review cited concerns that the structural supports for the District Fitness Center did not meet current NYS Building Code requirements for use as a fitness center. As a result, a temporary student fitness center was created inside the high school.

The recent presentation centered on a recommendation to remediate the District Fitness Center to create a safe instructional area that could serve as a new District Wrestling Center and subsequently convert a section of the High School Auxiliary Gym into a modern fitness center. It is anticipated that additional information will be presented and that these discussions will continue during the District’s Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, August 20.

The District will continue to update the community regarding this matter. As the District continues to develop a solution that best supports our students for wellness and physical education all thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to contact the District with your thoughts and comments.