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A Passion for the Past

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Prodell Middle School students were honored at a recent Board of Education meeting for their participation in National History Day. Introduced by Principal Kevin Vann, students Natalie Casey, Melanie Hagen, Allie Kall, Anja Minty, Carly Mulroy, Aaron Russell, Kathryn Winters and Alex Zhang were lauded for their well-researched and creative exhibits that were presented at the annual event at Hofstra University. Mr. Vann made special mention on Carly Mulroy’s presentation and research about Nikola Tesla, that was very close to making it to the New York State competition. He also thanked the families of the students for supporting their children’s passion for history and teacher Danielle Senneca for her commitment to the program. Board President Michael Lewis also congratulated and thanked the students for representing the school district in the prestigious competition.