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Guiding Students to Overall Wellness

Guiding Students to Overall Wellness photo thumbnail119312
Middle School students recently participated in a two-day mindfulness/yoga workshop during physical education classes. The positive program helped them with skills in reducing stress and cultivating wellness.
The students took part in a guided meditation and learned various breathing techniques and had an opportunity to journal about their experience. The instructors ended the sessions with several ways for the students to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives. On the second day, students engaged in a yoga class that focused on balance, breath control, cardio exercise and staying mindful.

“The middle school health and physical education department felt that students could benefit from a program that not only focused on the physical but also the mental aspect of wellness,” physical education teacher Allison DeMarco said. “Students seemed more relaxed and focused after each session. They learned skills that they can take with them and use for a lifetime.”