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Barcode Long Island Project

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Shoreham-Wading River High School students in Research in Science and Engineering Seminar are building upon skills learned last year in Introduction to Science Research as they continue working on their Barcode Long Island genetic analysis projects.

With assistance from research teacher Ms. Dana Schaefer, research questions were developed independently by the two student teams. Students then wrote proposals that were submitted to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the sponsor of the Barcode Long Island program. After the proposals were approved, they collected specimens. Students Taylor Peperno and Jalal Sawas collected wild mushrooms and Brianna Donnelly and Torre Ann Parrinello collected mosses from various locations on the high school campus. Once they extracted the DNA, amplified by polymerase chain reaction and verified by gel electrophoresis, the students sent off their samples for DNA sequencing. Their next step includes analyzing their sequences using computer software and aligning to known sequences. They will then present their projects at the Barcode Symposium at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in early June.