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Prodell Orchestra Students Perform at Tesla Benefit

Prodell Orchestra Students Perform at Tesla Benefit photo thumbnail119108
Prodell Middle School chamber orchestra students recently performed at a benefit for the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe at East Wind Long Island in Wading River.

“The students had the opportunity to play for community members, which gave them an authentic performing experience outside of the normal school concerts,” orchestra teacher Mr. Fred Volz said. “They had an awesome time.”

For their commitment to their artistic craft and being able to highlight the District’s exceptional music program, thank you to students Sarah Alessi, Patrick Carrier, Sean Dany, Bradley Doherty, Catie Donnelly, Anja Minty, Asma Rashidzada, Alex Zhang, Alston Zhuo, Siena Faragasso, Yiya Hu, Alicia Minty, Sasha Seletskaya, Kathryn Winters, Shiqi Cheng, Anna Marino, Jocelyn Nastasi, Kerrin McGuire, Killian O'Reilly, Sophia Stadler, Lucas Portuese and Cameron Sheedy.