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Social Studies Enrichment at Prodell

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A recent enrichment activity that coincided with the eighth grade social studies curriculum was fully embraced by teacher Greg Schmit’s students. Visiting various sites in Pearl Harbor such as Diamond Head and some of the memorials and moving on to the beaches of Normandy, France where the pivotal D Day landings took place in 1944, were some of the sights seen with the Albert G. Prodell Middle School’s virtual reality technology.

According to Mr. Schmit, the students used the information to document their observations and answer inquiry questions. They then visited various parts of the White House and other Washington, D.C. landmarks as a preview to the annual eighth grade trip to the nation’s capital in April.

“Technology in the classroom is not just the wave of the future, it’s here now,” said Mr. Schmit. “As an educator, seeing students engaged in a lesson is what teachers strive for every day.”

Mr. Schmit also commended library media specialist Ann-Marie Kalin for introducing him to the technology that helped bring history to life for his students.