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S.A.D.D. Club Members Share Important Messages

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Shoreham-Wading River High School’s newly formed S.A.D.D. club have had a busy few months. Organized in March, the chapter already includes 48 students who have dedicated their time and talents to filming an anti-tobacco video, participating in the TextLess Live More national awareness campaign, coordinating a distracted driving video, and organizing a community car wash.

Along with advisers Maryanne Agius and Melissa Hollywood, the school community thanks the following students for their commitment to this effort:

Cassidy Albano, Nicole Ambrecht, Connor Blunnie, Jordan Carroll, Honore Cavaco, Brianna Cohen, Olivia Daleo, Liam Daly, Christina DeLuca, Eric Dilisio, Isabella Dipaola, Brendan Donnelly, Ethan Eisenberg, Liam Flatley, Sara Grosso, Samantha Gruenberg, Eric Guili, Jaqueline Holden, Alexa Ibrahim, Dylan Jung, Madisyn King, Gabe Kent, Denis Lane, Melissa Liguori, Mia Lombardi, Katie Loscalzo, Paulie Loscalzo, Morgan Lynch, Gianna Mango, Nick Mango, Robbie Marigliano, Grace McMillan, Arianna McMorris, Chloe McNamara, Sasha Medvedeva, Carolyn Merced, Rosie Minneci, Brianna Montes, Emily Mulcahy, Aiza Naim, Michael Sabino, Rachael Scarbrough, Elle Schepis, Molli Serdock, Avagrace Stalzer, Nicolette Tingo, Shannon Washburn and Christina Wygonik.

To bring more awareness to their efforts, view the video that SADD members created below:​