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Promoting Positive Perceptions

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Wading River School students welcomed a special guest when internationally known motivational speaker and advocate Becky Curran visited the school as part of the District’s DASA initiatives.

Ms. Curran grew up participating in many sports such as sailing, skiing, soccer and swimming, graduated college and lives an inspired life. Born with achondroplasia, a genetic disorder that results in dwarfism, she was taught from a very young age to keep a positive outlook on life.

Her visit to the school was voluntary and she encouraged an open dialogue with the 4-6 grade students. She answered some heartwarming questions – including issues with bullying, if she has difficulties driving or watching a movie and even the scientific name of her genetic disorder. She encouraged the students to establish goals and work hard to accomplish them and to accept others for their perceived differences.

Her lifelong independent spirit was evident when she suggested that if they see someone struggling, to not just assume that they need to do something for them.

“Just offer to help,” she said.