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Food Train for Those in Need

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Lining Responsibility Way at the Wading River School are boxes of food donated by students throughout November. At the front is a cardboard train, which will metaphorically “pull” the boxes to those in need.

The boxes, which are filled with canned goods and decorated by students, will be shipped off to local food pantries, including ones at St. Mark’s, St. John’s and St. Anselm’s Episcopal Church.

The food drive, said Principal Louis Parrinello, is part of the school’s character education program, which is overseen by teachers Kelly Toole and Tracy O’Lear and assisted by school psychologist Doreen Armstrong and school nurse Anna Acker.

“School is not just about learning math, science and social studies, but also about giving relevance to those subjects by helping the community and making a difference,” said Mr. Parrinello.

Students were more than happy to do their part to help the community.

“I think this project was fun because we got to help people in need,” said Colin Smith, a fourth-grader.

“This project helps to make sure every family has something to eat and that they can enjoy their Thanksgiving,” added fifth-grader Emily Cook.