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Prodell Students of the Month

Prodell Middle School Students of the Month for April. thumbnail257992

At Prodell Middle School, the Wildcats with Character trait of the month for April was “Acceptance,” which was defined for students as “loving yourself and others and celebrating and appreciating that everyone is different.” Nineteen students were nominated as having exemplified this extremely important trait.

The Students of the Month for April are Jordyn Albert, Emily Battaglia, Ella Cutalo, Mohamed Drame, Mikaella Dubato, Sophia Elgut, Christopher Filippi, Cameron Giacomin, Joseph Kneidl, Colin Neff, Isabella Nobre, Olivia Menekou, June Minetti, Jacob Paglia, Natalia Perez Aristizabal, Emma Petreczky, Emmalyn Roberts, Griffin Schwartz and Rosalie Wagner.

“We are very proud of them,’ Assistant Principal Lauren Biscardi said.

Date Added: 5/3/2024