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Prodell Represents at SCMEA Concert

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Congratulations to 47 Albert G. Prodell Middle School students who participated in the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association concert on March 10, held at Southampton High School.

Students Angela Accardi, Sophia Elgut, Joshua Parrinello and Brayden Zettwoch performed in the Division I East Chorus. Students Jackson Cosgrove, Alexa D’Andrea, Nina Hateau, Linda Hu, Mairead Jaffe, Carmella Kaiser, Kevin Kozak, William Lister, Kevin Loscalzo, Jamyson Ochoa, Emma Petreczky, Emma Spencer, Vincenzo Tambasco-Cerbone, Aylin Turksonmez and Adalyna Villa performed in the Division II East Chorus. These students work with music teacher Mr. John Samonte.

Band students who work under the tutelage of Mr. James Finnerty also took part in a stellar performance at the SCMEA concert. The students are eighth graders Lauren Gallucci, Grace Gallagher and Emily Minetti; seventh graders Hazel Cresser, Zachary Lister, Gavin Molinelli, Camryn Guinther, Victoria Hamilton and Kenzo Wentz and sixth graders Adelyn Kappesser, Olivia Maldonado, Samuel Marceau, Faith McKiernan, Ryan Shea, Matthew Stallone, Tristan Tiamsic and Will Weingartner.

Eleven orchestra students, who work with music teacher Mr. Fred Volz, participated in the concert. They are eighth graders Kai Hidaka, Clara Pedersen, and Aiden Weng who performed in Division

II orchestra and sixth graders Giavanna DeBono, Kyle Huang, James Klein, Ailie Korsakas, Annabelle Kustin, Violet MacKinnon, Griffin Schwartz and Alexis Yau who performed in Division I orchestra. Mr. Volz also served as the chairperson for this year’s Division 1 SCMEA orchestra concert.

“The students showcased their musical prowess, leaving a harmonious mark on the event,” Mr. Samonte said. “From outstanding performances to collaborative spirit, the talented participants represented the district with pride, earning well-deserved accolades.”

Mr. Samonte also served as vice president for this year’s SCMEA concert, where he oversaw all 21 ensembles with over 3,500 students to ensure a fulfilling musical experience for all the students.

Date Added: 3/15/2024