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Prodell Perspectives

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Albert G. Prodell Middle School students collaborated on a project with art teacher Clare Finnican that is on view at the annual Parrish Art Museum’s Student Exhibition.

More than 185 sixth and seventh graders each captured a unique view of the middle school building on 3-by-5-inch cards that were put together to form a mixed media work on recycled cardboard.

“The individual artworks came together to form a vibrant mosaic, symbolizing half a century of learning and community,” Ms. Finnican said. “The individual perspectives showcased in the collective piece pay homage to the enduring legacy of Prodell’s façade, celebrating the 50-year milestone in a dynamic display of youthful creativity.”

The opening of the show was on March 3 and runs through April 7.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 3/8/2024