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Miller Avenue Makerspace: Confidence Building and Spatial Learning

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Miller Avenue School students continue to enter the world of engineering during push-in Makerspace lessons with librarian Brittany LaValle.

Recently, Cara Behrens and Alison Quenzer’s first grade class worked with Miss LaValle and were tasked with constructing bridges with Keva planks, designing buildings with straws and connectors, creating animals and plants with Brain Flakes (interlocking plastic discs that click together), and free choice in producing necklaces, dragonflies and other creative possibilities generating foldable and flexible magnetic 2D shapes into 3D structures with Clixo.

“The Makerspace lessons spark fun and imagination by incorporating creative thinking, science and technology, collaboration and experimentation,” Miss LaValle said.

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Date Added: 3/4/2024