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Congratulations to our many students who were selected for participation in the three divisions of the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Honors Ensembles.

Wading River School students Nora Andersen, Mia Aceto, Arianna Carnovale, Brielle Ensel, Ashley Esnes, Teressa Gonzalez, Julialyn Huwer, Brody Kaleita, Irene Luo, Andrew Molinelli, Nicholas Oliveri, Reese Pedersen, Alyssa Pollak, Madison Tees, Sophia Tischenko and Charlotte Tricarico were selected for participation in SCMEA's Honors Ensembles.

Albert G. Prodell Middle School students selected for participation are Angela Accardi, Mia Aceto, Nora Andersen, Arianna Carnovale, Jackson Cosgrove, Hazel Cresser, Alexa D'Andrea, Giavanna DeBono, Sophia Elgut, Brielle Ensel, Ashley Esnes, Grace Gallagher, Lauren Gallucci, Teressa Gonzalez, Camryn Guinther, Victoria Hamilton, Nina Hateau, Kai Hidaka, Linda Hu, Kyle Huang, Julialyn Huwer, Mairead Jaffe, Carmella Kaiser, Brody Kaleita, Adelyn Kappesser, James Klein, Ailie Korsakas, Kevin Kozak, Annabelle Kustin, Nate Lauckhardt, William Lister, Zachary Lister, Kevin Loscalzo, Irene Luo, Violet MacKinnon, Olivia Maldonado, Samuel Marceau, Kate Mazziotti, Faith McKiernan, Emily Minetti, Andrew Molinelli, Gavin Molinelli, Jamyson Ochoa, Nicholas Oliveri, Joshua Parrinello, Clara Pedersen, Reese Pedersen, Emma Petreczky, Thomas Pirraglia, Alyssa Pollak, Griffin Schwartz, Owen Schwartz, Ryan Shea, Emma Spencer, Matthew Stallone, Vincenzo Tambasco-Cerbone, Madison Tees, Sophia Tischenko, Tristan Tiamsic, Charlotte Tricarico, Aylin Turksonmez, Adalyna Villa, William Weingartner, Aiden Weng, Kenzo Wentz, Alexis Yau and Brayden Zettwoch.

Shoreham-Wading River High School students Sam Alessi, Maxwell Boerum, Charles Tacke, Natalee Cortina, Jake Donnelly, Lila Grosso, Ava Hernandez, Ray Hidaka, Connor Kaleita, Reilly Kenneally, Spencer Lee, Leyton Mangiamele, Anthony Mango, Ian Margiotta-Watz, Emily Martinez, Kate McQuade, Theodore Misawa, Aubrey Russo, Ryan MacKenna, Nathan Schaefer, Aidan Schmitt, Hayden Shea, Forrest Tepfenhardt and Mia Wentz were also selected for participation in the three divisions of SCMEA's Honors Ensembles.

“This is a direct result of the team effort put forth at all levels of music education in our district,” high school music teacher and music coordinator Dennis Creighton said. “The students are receiving a rock-solid foundation which every teacher at the next level is building upon. This is our third year of growth like this. I'm thrilled at both the support of the district, and the hard work my colleagues put in to make this possible.”

Thank you to our wonderful districtwide music teachers Erin Fasano, Christina Meli and Mark Verity (Wading River School), James Finnerty, John Samonte and Fred Volz (Prodell Middle School) Dennis Creighton, Kevin O’Brien and Ashley O’Connor (Shoreham-Wading River High School) for guiding our talented students on this year’s SCMEA journey!

Date Added: 1/5/2024