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Prodell’s Coffee Cart Café!

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students and faculty thumbnail253820
Albert G. Prodell Middle School students are gaining some important skills in family and consumer sciences teacher Michaela Berg’s Home and Careers class. Ms. Berg implemented the

Coffee Cart Café project with the RISE students this year.

The students are greeting people and honing their everyday manners as well as learning kitchen safety and cleanliness, along with further developing their money skills, learned in their classes with teacher Mr. Steven Karl. They have also baked cookies for sale, washed and dried dishes and collaborate with one another on a daily basis.

“I am so very proud of them and what they have accomplished,” Ms. Berg said. “They take so much pride in their cart, and the school community has responded so positively! The students also have a customer loyalty program, in which the 10th cup is free. Some of the regular customers are nearing that goal!”

Date Added: 1/5/2024