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Congratulations to the Prodell Middle School girls lacrosse team who ended their season undefeated! Team members are Stamatia Almiroudis, Maeve Bourguignon, Peyton Bryant, Julia Corso, Britt Devall, Alyssa DiGiuseppe, Fabiana Gallagher, Sophia Giangreco, Ava Goralski,Lyla Granshaw, Emily Hermanns, Mairead Jae, Madeline Kavanaugh, Mary Kilkenny, Maria Lazaris, Madison Lundin, Jordyn Lusak, Dana McGuire, Madeline Rizzi, Shealyn Varbero, Cali Wetzel and Sofia Zoumas. Coaches are Kaitlin Moriarty and Marisa Zambrano.

Date Added: 5/24/2023