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Scholar-Artists, Musicians and Thespians Honored

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More than 100 students were named to the 2023 Shoreham-Wading River High School Scholar-Artist, Musician and Thespian award list.

The students were honored at the May 2 Board of Education meeting. They were introduced by Principal Frank Pugliese and Assistant Principal John Holownia. Collette Grosso, president of WHAM – Wildcats Helping the Arts and Music – addressed the students with accolades for their dedication and drive to their art.

The criteria for the honor were that each student had to maintain a weighted GPA of 90 or higher and contribute significantly to an extracurricular program in the area of art, music and/or theater.

Mr. Pugliese also thanked the teachers for their spirited guidance and encouragement of the students and members of WHAM for their nonstop efforts in advocating for the district’s arts and music program.

The district congratulates Amelia Beyersdorfer, Kyra Beyersdorfer, Maya Beyersdorfer, Jake Bodenburg, Marisa Cacciola, Alexandra Calandrillo, Patrick Carrier, Natalie Casey, Torre Cintorino, Annalia Clemente, Daniel Colon, Elysa Corso, Kayla Corso, Matteo Cortina, Natalee Cortina, Giovanna Costa, Sean Dany, Jake Donnelly, Cole Fernandez, Taylor Franson, Nicholas Friedlander, Emma Granshaw, Lila Grosso, Nadia Grosso, April Haarke, Abigail Haverty, Ava Hernandez, Casey Hernandez, Ray Hidaka, Jake Hoey, Yiya Hu, Gianna Hughes, Selene Hunt, Chloe Jaeger, Sarah Julian, Reilly Kenneally, Cali Krause, Lanie Krause, Ella Larsen, Lena Leo, Emma Logan, Abbie Lynch, Nicholas Maggipinto, Leyton Mangiamele, Anna Marino, Laura Marino, James Maxwell, Everett McClintock, Elizabeth McErlean, Kerrin McGuire, Liam McQuade, Madison McQuade, Ella Meeker, Salvatore Meli, Emily Miltz, James Minetti, Alicia Minty, Anja Minty, Caroline Misewich, Jiseung Moon, Kaitlyn Mullahey, Emily Murray, Jessica Nastasi, Jocelyn Nastasi, Michela Nobre, Julianna O’Neill, Killian O’Reilly, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Noah Parrinello, Megan Pendzick, Damian Perez, Hailey Petruzzi, Jessica Platz, Jillian Portuese, Lucas Portuese, Hasnain Rana, Megan Rayburn, Shannon Redlein, Tara Reilly, Carter Rubin, Aubrey Russo, Christopher Russo, Allisandra Sagat, Hannah Sagat, Michaela Santulli, Katelyn Schaefer, Emily Scherl, Chloe Schiff, Kyle Schiff, Aidan Schmitt, Krystal Sereno, Eileen Sheridan, Jake Smith, Katherine Spencer, Charles Tacke, Robert Tacke, Meghan Thrash, Gavin Trezza, Erin Vedder, Christopher Vignola, Nicholas Vignola, Andrew Wicks, James Wicks, Kathryn Winters and Harrison Zeller.

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Date Added: 5/4/2023