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Captivating Curiosity!

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What do lava lamps, M&M candies, toothpaste, bubbles and even kindness have in common? They all played roles in the original scientific experiments at the successful Wading River School Science Fair! The action-packed, scientifically engaging event was an opportunity to promote curiosity and discovery, and spark an interest in exploration in students in grades 3-5.

The district thanks and commends Shoreham-Wading River High School students, who judged the work of the younger students using an evaluation rubric with criteria that included the originality of a student’s question, hypotheses, procedures, investigations, analysis and conclusion. Thanks also to St. Joseph’s University student assistants and Dr. Lister and Dr. Stadler for their contributions to a successful event.

Congratulations to third grader John Lister who will represent Wading River School in the Brookhaven National Laboratory Science Fair for his project “Finding a Sound Solution,” fourth grader Jonathan Sarcone with his project “Don’t Let Your Tires Be a Drag” and fifth grader Brielle Bannon with “How Does Salt Affect Sea Monkeys.”

Congratulations also to honorable mention recipients: third graders Zachary Ochoa (Magnets and Temperature) and Robert Stroh (Electromagnetic Motion); fourth graders Brian Pedersen (Supercooled Water Droplets) and Joseph Pullera (Exercise and Heart Rate) and fifth graders Joseph DiMasi (The Nose Knows), Cassie Dansereau (Temperature and Battery Life) and Griffin Schwartz (Electric Water).

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Date Added: 3/17/2023