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Outdoor Opportunities!

Students measuring snow with rulers thumbnail242971
Students measuring snow with rulers thumbnail242972
Students measuring snow with rulers thumbnail242973
Students listening to their teacher read thumbnail242974
Miller Avenue School students have some additional space to get their creative juices flowing and breathe in some fresh air with the school’s new outdoor classroom pavilion. Second graders in Cara Behrens’ and Alison Quenzer’s classes took advantage of the blue skies to enjoy a read-aloud in the space and even conducted a science lesson. After the first snowfall of the season they measured the height of the snow with rulers. They concluded that there was 2-3 centimeters of snow on the ground.

Principal Claudia Smith shared the excitement of the young students in the unique setting, noting the benefits to academic performance and mental health.

“We are so grateful to our Board of Education, district administrators and community members for recognizing the intrinsic value in providing this type of learning space,” Principal Claudia Smith said. “We plan to put it to very good use.”

Date Added: 3/3/2023