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Creative, Hands-On Lab Engages Prodell Students

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Students in Albert G. Prodell Middle School had an educational and wet science experiment when they worked to determine density by measuring displacement.

The students in Mr. Thomas Redman’s eighth grade earth science class created a lab titled “Human Density.” Each student was assigned a task during the experiment.

The “dunkee” climbed into the density barrel. The” bucketeers” collected water as it was displaced from the spout and relayed it to the “scoopers” who poured the water for measurement into long, graduated cylinders. The “volume recorders” tallied the amount of water the “cylinder people” collected. Other students were “moppers,” “table driers” and “bucket refillers.” Every drop of water was accounted for.

The student-scientists worked efficiently together and the volumes were computed, recorded and compared. Using the final formula Human Density = Mass/Volume (g/ml), the “tally all recorders” figured out the volume of the “dunkee,” who was weighed before being immersed in the water. At the end of the lab, they looked at percentage error by identifying how much water was lost in order to refill the dunk tank.

Mr. Redman noted that one student remarked that the collaborative work was like a well-oiled machine, having fun while learning about density.

Date Added: 10/17/2022