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"A Midsummer Night’s Prom Dream!"

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Shoreham-Wading River’s Unified Productions Summer Theater Program invites you to “A Midsummer Night’s Prom Dream!” This stage production is a modern version of Shakespeare’s famed comedic “A Midsummer Night's Dream.” Shoreham-Wading River’s take features a group of students, faculty and parents getting ready for their high school’s dream prom…when all goes wrong!

Thursday, July 28 at 11:00 a.m. at Shoreham-Wading River High School auditorium.


Mr. Duke: Spencer Sanchez

Mr. Duke’s Assistant: Kyra Beyersdorfer

Ms. Hippolyta: Brighton Ciampo

Mrs. Egeus: Molly Stankus

Mrs. Egeus’ Friend: Maya Beyersdorfer

Hermia: Hailey Petruzzi

Helena: Emily Ingrassia

Demetrius: Charlie Tacke

Lysander: Connor Liddell

Petra: Camilia Pinos

Snug: Andrew Brennan

Band Tech Crew: Natalee Cortina and Bobby Tacke

Tom Snout: Jack Como

Puck: Ava Eybs

Frances: Payton Coyle

Nick Bottom: Peter Christ

Security: Bobby King, Josh Mar-Mendoza and Demetius Serras

Blossom: Delaney Farbach

Blossom’s Friend: Kamryn Osik

Titania: Taylor Franson

Oberon: Frank Fontinell

The Band:

Vocals: Peter Christ and Payton Coyle

Guitars: Brady Stonehill and Bobby Tacke

Drums: Ava Eybs

Director: Mary Hygom

Assistant Directors: Maryanne Agius, Caitlin Gould and Matt Millheiser

Staff: Staci Vassalo

Video, Lighting and Sound: Ricky Bottenus, Matteo Cortina, Connor Liddell, Sarah Julian and Noah Parrinello

Stage Crew: Carly Coyle, Grace Hygom and Lena Leo

Set Design and Technical Direction: Matteo Cortina and Matt Millheiser

Balloons: Kamryn Osik and Sherry Osik

Art Work: Maya Beyersdorfer

Lego Animation Video: Andrew Brenn

Date Added: 7/27/2022