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Revolutionary War Re-Enactment

british redcoat reenactor riding a black horse thumbnail185155
british redcoat reenactor riding a black horse thumbnail185156
colonial woman reenactor and black horse thumbnail185157
four colonial reenactors thumbnail185158
As part of their social studies curriculum, Wading River School students are learning about the catalyst for American independence – The Revolutionary War – and had an opportunity to view a re-enactment of this pivotal time in history, right on the school grounds. The fourth graders stopped by various stations set up that on the grounds that taught them about different aspects of the era. Students enjoyed the musical stylings of an 18th century mandolin, fife and drum, learned about the culture of the period and witnessed a British Dragoon skillfully knock over a head of cabbage with his sword while on horseback. The culminating event was an authentic 18th century cannon firing.