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Checks and Balances at Wading River School

Checks and Balances at Wading River School photo thumbnail180831
Students in Mr. Chris Geehreng’s fourth grade class at Wading River School took a social studies lesson on the federal government to another level when they created a classroom reenactment which included members of Congress, U.S. Supreme Court justices and the president. Learning that the purpose of government is to protect the rights of citizens and to promote the common good, they were able to better understand how bills become laws and the importance of checks and balances when creating legislation.

Students took on the roles of senators and proposed bills for funding for regular sports exercise programs, additional recess time and a reduction in math homework to help alleviate student stress, among other items. They even learned what happens when a law violates the Constitution and how the U.S. Supreme Court helps to settle those matters.

The creative lesson encouraged the students to use their intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of the governmental systems of the country as well as the basic civic values of American constitutional democracy.