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Students’ Community Service Project Gives Hope

Students’ Community Service Project Gives Hope photo thumbnail179776
Students and staff members in Miller Avenue School continue to find ways to help in the community and often learn about important and helpful local organizations in the process.

Second grade teacher Mrs. Janelle Bellotti came across a great community service activity for her students that they worked on this past week. Colorful handmade cards, treat bags, candy and gift cards for Valentine’s Day are being put together for children in a local shelter to bring some love and cheer to them. Mrs. Bellotti reached out to other teachers and has received beautiful messages of hope and kindness from them as well. She will deliver all the gifts from the hearts of the students to Give Kids Hope, an organization in Port Jefferson Station that assists families in need with clothing, toys and food items.

“With everything going on in the world, a little kindness and cheer goes a long way,” Mrs. Bellotti said. “This is a wonderful experience for our children to experience empathy and generosity.”