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Senior Designs Poster Campaign

Senior Designs Poster Campaign  thumbnail179534
SWR High School senior Brooke Roff took part in a precollege intensive course through Parsons School of Design where she created a set of posters to promote a topic of her choosing. Brooke chose to focus on anxiety awareness. She designed three posters digitally and showed them to art teacher Ms. Samantha Shepard, who thought it was a great idea to have them hung in the high school guidance office

Her three pieces, “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” “It’s Okay to Accept Help” and “It’s Okay to Have Anxiety,” proudly hang in the hallway of the guidance office as a graphically creative reminder to her peers who can recognize they are not alone in their feelings.

“Anxiety is not just being nervous or being nitpicky,” Brooke said. “It can manifest through panic attacks or the constant worry that you are not good enough. Anxiety comes in many different ways, but it is best to accept yourself as you are with the help of others. I wanted to portray that through this poster campaign.”