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Senior Presents Research in BNL Program

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SWR High School senior Jalal Sawas conducted a comprehensive presentation in a Google Meet with dozens of students, educators and researchers from the Brookhaven National Laboratory SPARK (Student Partnerships for Advanced Research and Knowledge) program.

Jalal, a student in the high school’s Science Research Program with teacher Dana Schaefer, is in the process of writing a manuscript for publication about the class project analyzing the sediment from the pond on the high school property for heavy metals that may impact the aquatic life of the pond ecosystem. The goal of the meeting was to review Jalal’s data and the graphical representation of that data. It is one of the first steps in drafting the manuscript that will be submitted for publication to present the experiment to the scientific community.

“The SPARK program has provided Jalal and all students opportunities for real-world research,” Mrs. Schafer said. “We are all proud and excited for the experience it has provided.”