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Students Recognize Constitution Day

Students Recognize Constitution Day thumbnail176589
If you happened to see a young Theodore Roosevelt behind a SpongeBob mask or a number of bearded Abraham Lincoln look-a-likes around the district on September 17, they were likely the inventive students of Wading River School, marking the historic date of September 17, 1787, honoring the 39 delegates who signed the United States Constitution. While some students opted to wear red, white and blue, others dressed up as important historical figures, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross as they learned about the importance of the Constitution and the country’s founding fathers. A few students even opted to honor some more contemporary notable contributors and historic figures: artist Frida Kahlo and astronaut Neil Armstrong and World War II cultural icon Rosie the Riveter. “The children in our learning community now are the ones who are going to be leading our communities, nation and world in the future,” Principal Louis Parrinello said. “How fortunate we are to have such talented and courageous young leaders in our midst.”