Wildcats with Character Keep on Cooking

Keenan Varbero & Gianni Bonventre and their project thumbnail254527
Keenan Varbero & Gianni Bonventre\'s project thumbnail254528
Albert G. Prodell Middle School students have learned about exemplifying the trait of perseverance as part of the Wildcats with Character initiative, and two students took the lessons learned home to expand on.

Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Michaela Berg has in the past organized a Food Truck Finale for seventh graders but, this year, the finale had to be put on hold.

Student Keenan Varbero enjoyed the project immensely, making crepes with his crepe maker for his family on the weekends, with s’mores crepes and strawberry and cannoli crepes being the family’s favorites. Keenan and his friend and classmate Gianni Bonventre worked on their food truck at home in preparation for the class presentation that was to be later in the week. When they learned it was to be put on hold, they still brought the truck in, finished it in class with their peers, and continued to give 100% to the project.

According to Keenan’s mom, the project took five hours and the duo were so proud of their work. They were also looking forward to making the crepes the group had decided on.

“Keenan and Gianni definitely persevered and stuck to the project goals, finishing the classwork with their team, who submitted a wonderful menu and logo to match their Food Truck concept,” Ms. Berg said. “I was so proud of the students’ dedication and commitment to learning, as well as their teamwork. A lot of the students continued to work on their project, despite knowing the “most fun” part of cooking wouldn’t be able to happen.”

Date Added: 1/29/2024