Trio Set a Record at Prodell

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Congratulations to Albert G. Prodell Middle School seventh graders Zak Lister, Gavin Logan and Greyson Vescovo for engineering the winning water rocket in Mr. Kevin Willi’s Physical Science classes!

Students in the class were guided to design and engineer a working water rocket considering the scientific principles of pressure, air resistance and Newton’s three laws of motion over a two-week period. After observing the first launch, each group adapted a modification to their existing water rocket to maximize the distance it traveled. These three students initially launched the water rocket 45 yards. After observing their water rocket’s first launch, they hypothesized ways to further decrease air resistance and decided to add a nose cone. On Jan. 4, their modified water rocket cut through the sky for a total distance of 120 yards, an Albert G. Prodell all-time record!

Date Added: 1/9/2024