Wildcats With Character!

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Albert G. Prodell Middle School recognized 24 Students of the Month for October. During the month, the trait that was focused on was kindness. Staff and students emphasized the phrase “Kindness Matters,” and even had the slogan displayed on the electronic screen as people drove into the parking lot. The students incorporated activities focused on kindness into other events, such as Unity Day and Red Ribbon Week. For example, during Unity Day, members of Student Council wrote positive, kind messages on Post-its and placed them on staff mailboxes and student lockers. During Red Ribbon Week, students wrote kind “Shout Out” messages to their peers and staff members. These shoutouts are now proudly displayed right outside of the cafeteria for all to see. Finally, Ms. Clare Finnican’s student artists each participated in forming a schoolwide “Kindness Lifts Us Up” bulletin board that is displayed at the front of the building. Each student filled out a piece of paper in the shape of a wing with either a favorite quote about kindness or a positive, uplifting message, and the wings were then intricately organized by Ms. Finnican to create the bulletin board.

The Students of The Month were nominated by teachers and staff members for exemplifying the trait of kindness throughout October.

Congratulations to Norah Bourguignon, Brayden Bulger, Eliana De Almeida, Sophia Elgut, Renald Favia-Gryzmala, Fabiana Gallagher, Grace Gallagher, Suvir Gill, Derek Gonzales Fernandez, Ava Goralski, Katelyn Hausmann, Peyton Hellberg, Matthew Morano, Jayden Perez, Annabelle Price, Tori Rizzi, Emmalyn Roberts, Ryan Shea, Altay Turksonmez, Aylin Turksonmez, Juliana Uguil, Jayden Walther, Jose Yallup and Mathew Yusupov.

Date Added: 11/7/2023