Rohan Murphy Says ‘No Excuses!’

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On Tuesday, Oct. 24, sixth grade students at Prodell Middle School attended an assembly conducted by well-known motivational speaker Rohan Murphy. A nationally recognized motivational speaker who has spoken in over 40 states, Rohan Murphy lost both of his legs at birth, but that did not stop him from chasing after his dreams.

Rohan started wrestling his freshman year of high school, and after a successful high school wrestling career, he went on to wrestle at Penn State University. In addition to wrestling, Rohan is also an accomplished powerlifter, competing in international competitions all over the world. Aside from all of these accomplishments, one of Rohan’s main goals at this point in his life is to motivate the youth of America through his words and actions. Rohan shared his life story, which has been quoted as being “a gripping tale of adversity, dedication, and living life with a purpose.” He also shared his own personal motto with the students: “No excuses.” At the end of the assembly, he allowed time for student questions and ended the assembly by reminding students to be kind, stay motivated, and, most importantly, never give up on their dreams.

“This assembly was extremely inspiring for our sixth graders as they begin to embark on their journey through middle school,” Assistant Principal Lauren Biscardi said. “It is so important for students to have resilience and feel confident that they can accomplish their goals, regardless of the obstacles they may face. Welcoming Rohan Murphy can help our students realize that anything is possible with the right attitude and level of motivation. He is a true inspiration to all of us.”

Date Added: 10/25/2023