Full STEAM Ahead!

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Albert G. Prodell Middle School students are being challenged to work through the engineering design process and have come up with some amazing results.

Under the guidance of teacher Mrs. Michele Vitale, sixth graders created unique and personalized keychains using the school’s new 3D printers. Throughout the project, the students brainstormed and drafted six different keychain ideas, eventually narrowing down to two final designs that they transformed into detailed blueprints. They then learned how to effectively use the 3D modeling software of Tinkercad to bring their favorite design to life.

“This project was an incredible opportunity for our students to not only learn about the latest 3D printing technology, but also to work collaboratively and creatively in a real-world STEAM setting,” Mrs. Vitale said. “We are so proud of their hard work and dedication throughout this project, and are excited to see how this experience will prepare them for future STEAM projects.”

Date Added: 4/3/2023