Correspondents’ Collaboration For Wading River’s Young Journalists

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A partnership between Wading River School and PS17Q in Queens was months in the making and happened via Google Meet on Jan. 12. Along with newspaper club adviser Ms. Christina Sacchitello, students who put together the school’s Wildcat Tracks sent some interesting facts to the PS17Q students to kickstart a conversation among Wading River’s newspaper staff and their new colleagues 70 miles away. Facts about Wading River’s history, the renowned Tesla Science Center, the proximity to fun times at Splish Splash and the many beaches and the community’s love of its four pizzerias in the small town were

some of the discussion points that fifth graders Sophia Elgut, Emma Keneski, Aidan Kunzler, Kamila Madrid, Olivia Moldonado and Julianna Uguil shared with the students at PS17Q.

“The students were so excited to start writing about PS17Q,” Ms. Sacchitello said. “This was a terrific learning experience for both the students and myself, and we are looking forward to more collaborations in the future.”

The students in the two schools will highlight the virtual visit in their newspapers and send one another copies to share with their schoolmates.

Date Added: 1/17/2023