Prodell Students Honor Native American Heritage Month

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Albert G. Prodell Middle School educators have collaborated on several projects to recognize Native American Heritage Month. Social studies teacher Ms. Corinne Fallon created a beautiful display case, posters and signs to pay tribute to the rich history and traditions of Native Americans.

Lessons in other classes were created to honor this special celebration. A virtual reality field trip to a Native American site in the new sixth grade Virtual Traveler elective course was also taught by Ms. Fallon; seventh grade social studies students discussed current events pertaining to Native Americans; and sixth grade students in Ms. Michaela Berg’s Home and Careers class evaluated the geography of Thanksgiving dinner and prepared Native American cuisine in a special Fry Bread lesson.

“There is a type of bread in every culture and it is traditionally used to bring people together. This is where the saying ‘to break bread’ comes from,” Ms. Berg said.

Teachers were encouraged to lead an advisory activity to help spur a student’s curiosity to Google, check out a book and learn more about a topic they wouldn’t otherwise have heard about.

“Native American Heritage Month and other celebrations remind us of the traditions and cultures that can slip under the radar,” social studies teacher Danielle Senneca said. “Being able to share these professional development opportunities with our students have encouraged us all to continue to learn and embrace all cultures.”

Date Added: 11/29/2022