Real-World Skills for AP2G News Team

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Move over CNN, The Miller Avenue School’s AP2G News Team has taken to the airwaves. Second graders in Mr. Robert Verbeck and Mrs. Patricia Schuchman’s class created a video that highlights the district’s upcoming blood drive in a creative and educational format.

Working under Mr. Verbeck’s supervision, the class presented the latest in a series of special reports, with students serving as news anchor and reporters, and supplemented with interviews with various school staff members including second grade teacher Mrs. Alice Steinbrecher, who chairs the blood drive slated for Thursday, April 28 from 3:15 to 7 p.m. at Wading River School.

“Mrs. Schuchman and I are most proud of this project and that the students are taking on a bigger and bigger role in planning, staging, and writing these videos,” Mr. Verbeck said. “They are really enjoying this and are learning a lot about teamwork and collaboration in the process.”

Check out their work here:

Date Added: 4/26/2022