A Celebration of the French Language

A Celebration of the French Language  thumbnail138986
Students in the High School’s French class are participating in the American Association of Teachers of French video contest as part of National French Week (Nov. 4-10).

According to French teacher Mr. Gabriel Maginier, this initiative put the students at the center of the project by taking the responsibility of producing a video in French around two priority areas: communication and culture. This learning by doing project, guided by Mr. Maginier, allowed for different creative components such as writing a scenario, working as a team by defining the roles of each student and composing dialogues in French. “The project enabled the students to practice the language in the context of everyday situations, using the three modes of communication (interpersonal, presentational and interpretative) as a method, while making the most of their cultural knowledge acquired since the beginning of the year,” Mr. Maginier said. The video, which is currently being edited, was devoted to Le Français chez moi (French at home) and allowed students to compare American and French culture around themes such as art, music, literature, fashion and cuisine.