The Scientific Method at Work

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Taste tests, a duct tape experiment, the density of liquids and research on the cleanliness of a dog’s mouth were just a sampling of the vast display of original scientific experiments conducted by Wading River School students as part of the school’s annual science fair. The grade level winners – third grader William Lister, fourth grader Ethan Reilly and fifth grader Logan Jung – represented the school at the Brookhaven Laboratory Science Fair on May 4.

Nineteen Shoreham-Wading River High School students judged the work of the younger students using an evaluation rubric with criteria that included the originality of a student’s question, hypotheses, procedures, investigations, analysis and conclusion.

The district thanks and commends Anya Ahern, Juan Arango, Ryan Betcher, Trevor Coster, Julia DeGoyler, Tyler Heeter, Brian Hernandez, Conor Hughes, Joey Krause, Andrew Liguori, Isadora Petretti, Kendall Pluschau, Skylar Princi, Carlos Scott, Molli Serdock, Chris Sicari, Alexandra Smith, Colin Waldemar and Shannon Washburn for their efforts in selecting the student work.