Lessons in the Realtor Market

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Students in Melissa Cosgrove’s Business Law class at the High School were studying “Ownership and Leasing of Real Property” and welcomed a special guest speaker to teach them some important details to help understand the concepts in a more substantial way.

Amanda Eckart, a real estate agent from Keller Williams Realty, presented to the class. She taught the students about the Fair Housing Act, rental agreements, renters insurance and the responsibilities of a real estate agent.

Ms. Cosgrove noted that the students enjoyed the presentation, which was arranged by teacher Ed Storck as part of the District’s School-to-Community Program.

“I learned a lot about residential leasing,” Natalie Epp, a senior, said. “The presentation was very valuable, since I will probably rent an apartment in college in a few years.” Her classmate junior Peter Flanagan added “I thought having a guest speaker was great! I learned a lot about what a real estate agent does."