Upstander Training for GSA Club

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Eleven students in the High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance attended the 23rd annual LGBT Conference at the Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University recently. Accompanied by physical education teacher Ms. Brittany Davis and English teacher Mr. Edward Storck, the students learned that the LGBT Network of Long Island – which provides resources for members of the LGBT community and educates students and staff on current issues – is the fifth largest in the nation, and the first largest in a suburban area.

The students took part in the day’s agenda, which consisted of three sessions, each with seven different workshops to choose from. They attended workshops including Charge-Up Your GSA Club!, Upstander Training: Don't Stand By, Stand Up!, Queer History, and Building LGBT Families.

More than 500 students and 600 participants were in attendance at the conference, touted as the largest to date.

“The conference was such an inspiring and informative experience for our GSA,” said senior Sarah Acerra. “We got to learn new things while also contributing our own thoughts and opinions, and I definitely think that it is something that will help our club in the long run.”