Creativity and collaboration in High School’s Makerspace

Creativity and collaboration in High School’s Makerspace photo
High School students took some time for creative play when library media specialist Kristine Hanson hosted a day-long technology fair in the library.

The collaborative workspace encourages students to explore their interests and learn to use tools and materials to develop innovative projects. During the fair, students had the opportunity to build simple machines and apply their own ideas and imagination to create other simple, maker-inspired projects.

“We had many students using the makerspace equipment for the first time,” Mrs. Hanson said. “Our goal was simply to share what we have available to the students. We don’t have all of the equipment, gadgets and robots out all of the time, but we wanted them to know they could ask for them. We’ve already had more students requesting to use equipment like the green screen, the 3-D printer and the button maker.”

The popular place is also encouraging teamwork as students gain the skills of communication, collaboration and problem-solving, important requirements for working in makerspaces.