SWaRt Café!

The Shoreham-Wading River High School art department and its students recently hosted the first SWaRt Café (SWR Art Café) before the small ensembles musical performance.

“This art show was a chance for our art students to showcase what they do best - engage in artwork with the idea of sharing what they know and love with their fellow students,” art teacher Jason Andria said.

A number of stations were set up including the “Quickdraw Challenge” inviting students to draw the first thing that came to their mind with a two-minute timer. Marbling, watercolor techniques, kinetic art, and a mini collage were some of the other stations where students could sample some new materials and produce something they could take home. There was a great turnout for the show and enthusiastic participation from the students, family members and teachers. “We plan to continue to do this each year and will consider setting up an additional art event aside from our annual art show in May,” Andria added.