Historic Simulation at Prodell

Dressed in Colonial attire, students from Albert G. Prodell Middle School acted out the Second Congressional Congress before classmates and family members.

During the simulation, students presented arguments and speeches from the Radical and Tories sides, asking their peers to vote for independence or loyalty. This year, Loyalists won and the 13 colonies voted to remain loyal to King George III and their mother country.

As classmates, family members and administrators arrived at the event, the middle school chamber orchestra, led by music teacher Fred Volz, performed. The debate was led by students Matthew Cerniglia and Kathryn Winters.

“Both students showed leadership skills as they controlled the excited group of colonists and led each speaker to the podium,” said social studies teacher Danielle Senneca, one of the organizers of the event. “The speeches were exceptional. A serious moment ensued when two sisters, Reese and Nina Nelson, spoke about how they were torn apart by the two sides of the debate.”

According to Senneca, the debate was intense; when each colony stood to vote, the crowd was anxious for each verdict and erupted in cheers.

The simulation, which also included students from Corinne Fallon’s and Katie Peters’ classes, has taken place annually for more than 40 years at the middle school.